Light Posting

Some weeks, there just isn’t much to talk about. Last week was one of them. I did post the briefs on attorneys fees in the HathiTrust case, but that’s about it. Posting will be light until it isn’t.

From attorneys fees brief 169 Exhibit ‘B’ as above this exchange:

Authors Guild Attorney to VP & General Counsel, UMich, 13SEP2011

(Excerpt) As you probably know, yesterday our clients The Authors Guild, Inc. and a number of other organizations and individuals filed a complaint against the University of Michigan, the HathiTrust, and four other universities for copyright infringement arising out of the digitization of copyrighted works …

Our intention is to file a motion for a preliminary injunction to prevent any further infringement of the copyrighted works.

(reply) 16SEP2011 VP & General Counsel, UMich, to Authors Guild Attorney:

(Excerpt) As your letter states, you desire to ask the court to prevent copyright infringement. Because we are not engaging in copyright infringement, discouraging you from filing your motion is not an incentive for us to cease lawful activities and we do not plan to do so.

There will be a WIPO Diplomatic Conference June 2013 in Morocco to conclude (or not conclude) an international Treaty for the Visually Impaired. This is a from an article entitled “Disability groups in India welcome progress on treaty for blind persons” on the 20DEC2012 on the ‘Times of India’ website:

Sam Taraporevala, Director of the Xavier’s Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged was elated by this development. “There is a library in the United States which has 10 million books in accessible digital formats which will be accessible to us once this treaty is passed. This is huge boost to our blind and visually impaired students who want to get into the field of research.”

… guess which is the library to which he refers.