The Laboratorium
June 2013

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Tomorrow, I start a new job: I am joining the faculty at the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law, where I will be the Director of the Program in Intellectual Property. I was a visiting professor there this past fall, and found the faculty and students to be both warm and wise. By mutual agreement, what started out as a limited engagement has been renewed indefinitely.

There are too many wonderful things about my new colleagues and new institution to list them all, so I will mention just a few. I’m particularly excited that my good friend and sparring partner Frank Pasquale will also be joining the faculty, and that my good friend Danielle Citron talked us both into it. I will be joining one of the country’s great research university systems, and collaborating with colleagues from the computer science department and the iSchool in College Park. And, hardly least, I will have the second-closest office in the Law School to the library. (The library is itself is named for Thurgood Marshall, who successfully sued to integrate the Law School in 1936.)

The change is bittersweet, though, because I am also sad to be leaving New York Law School and the Institute for Information Law and Policy. NYLS has been a good home, with supportive colleagues and enthusiastic students. I am grateful for all they have done for me, and wish them all well.

If you have been using my New York Law School email address or phone number to reach me, you should update your contact information for me to my Maryland details. I would like to emphasize that email remains the best way to reach me. I am not in the habit of checking my voicemail when I am not physically in my office.

I should have some additional announcements to post here soon, including some news about the future of the Public Index and a few further surprises.

Awaz from Kezboard

I will be traveling with my family for most of June. You should assume that your email will not reach me until I return. When I do, it may take me weeks to clean out the backlog and get to your email. If there is something you want me to do, just remember what the Rolling Stones say, and all will be well.