The Laboratorium
September 2001

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God, King, and Country

I've heard tell o' wonders
    like none that you've seen:
Monsters an' beauties an' 
    strange things in between.
But the greatest o' sights 
    in all God's great Design
Is the unwavering might 
    o' King George's proud Line.

In our Indian lands live the great Pachyderms, An' in Anglia's barrows dwell fire-breathing Worms. They're all of 'em fearsome, an' they're ugly to boot. But not one could outfight a green Redcoat recruit.

On the day o' the fight, when blood flows freer than wine. The color o' courage will be Red as the Line. For Richard an' William, for good Hal an' the rest. We'll guard Arthur's kingdom till there's no Froggies left.

Stand firm for King George, an' for his Empire, An' stand firm for Molly at home by the fire. We'll hold to our places, an' fight till the end For the Line doesn't break an' the Line doesn't bend.

With one cheer for riches, an' another for fame. The third an' the loudest for dear England's good name. In a world full o' tyrants, an' rebels an' fools, You'll find none o' 'em where Brittania rules.