An Outtake

I’m working on a real piece. This didn’t fit:

The legal system is a bewildering and ponderous machine. It emits terrifying noises, burns money, and crushes good men in its gears. Its flywheels take forever to spin up; once set in motion, they have an inevitable, inexorable momentum. Judgment is slow in coming, but when it comes, it comes hard.

From the screenplay for Philadelphia — JOE - Denzel Washington; ANDREW - Tom Hanks (Oscar for best Actor):

JOE Are you a good lawyer?

I'm an excellent lawyer.

What makes you an excellent

I love the law. I know the law.
I excel at practicing it. It's
the only thing I've ever wanted to do.

What do you love about it?

Well... many things. But I
think the thing I love the most,
is that every once in a while,
not that often, but
occasionally... you get to be
part of justice being done.
It's really quite a thrill when
that happens.

James, have you thought about writing noir detective novels? This paragraph would fit nicely into one.

From the 1944 screenplay adaption of Raymond Chandler’s Farewell, My Lovely (Murder, My Sweet):

A black pool opened up at my feet. I dived in. It had no bottom.