In re Books: Speakers Announced, Registration Open

We’ve just put up the initial list of speakers for In re Books:

  • Jonathan Band, Policy Bandwidth
  • Caleb Crain, Author
  • Niva Elkin-Koren, University of Haifa
  • James Gleick, Author
  • Daniel Goldstein, Brown Goldstein Levy
  • Eric Hellman,
  • Roy Kaufman, Copyright Clearance Center
  • Ariel Katz, University of Toronto
  • Jessica Litman, University of Michigan
  • Lateef Mtima, Howard University
  • Valerie Small Navarro, ACLU of California
  • Aaron Perzanowski, Wayne State University
  • Matthew Sag, Loyola University of Chicago
  • Christopher Sagers, Cleveland State University
  • Pamela Samuelson, University of California at Berkeley
  • Jule Sigall, Microsoft
  • John Thompson, University of Cambridge
  • Elizabeth Townsend-Gard, Tulane University
  • Doron Weber, Sloan Foundation
  • Jessamyn West,
  • Eric Zohn, William Morris Endeavor

We’ll be adding even more in the weeks to come. The program is also online so you can see what we’ll be discussing, and registration is now open for the low low price of $100 or less. Come join us October 26 and 27 in New York. It’s going to be great.

james your email is rejecting us as spam again.

… and with your list of “leading copyright scholars” not one signatory to the Max Planck / Munich Declaration on the 3-Step Test although Professor Samuelson in particular is on the Board of Directors of Electronic Frontier Foundation ( which believes in recent published Joint Statements that such wording should be part and parcel of every International Treaty or Agreement.

Hyperlink error above:

BTW “leading copyright scholars” is how the MP Institute describes many of the signatories on their list — not how Prof. JG describes his speaker list.