GBS: A Timeline

Things are picking up again in the Google Books litigation. Here’s a timeline with all of the upcoming dates and deadlines. I’ve posted a copy of this to the Public Index homepage, and will keep the dates there updated as the case progresses.

  • May 3: Oral argument on standing and class certification in Authors Guild and ASMP.

Authors Guild v. Google

  • May 4: Opening expert reports due
  • May 24: Rebuttal expert reports due
  • May 28-June 8: Expert depositions
  • June 14: Motions for summary judgment due
  • July 23: Oppositions to motions for summary judgment due
  • August 13: Replies in support of motions for summary judgment
  • September 6: Oral argument on summary judgment

ASMP v. Google

  • June 13: Class certification motion due
  • July 11: Opposition to class certification due
  • July 25: Reply in support of class certification
  • August 13: Fact discovery complete
  • October 1: Expert discovery complete
  • October 29: Summary judgment motions due
  • November 26: Opposition to summary judgment motions due
  • December 10: Reply in support of summary judgment motions

Authors Guild v. HathiTrust

  • May 11: Reply in support of motion for partial summary judgment due
  • May 20: Discovery complete
  • July 20: Fully-briefed motions complete
  • November: trial

In Authors Guild V. HathiTrust the NFB Intervenors state on page 8 re: libraries and Section 121:

— In these cases, as Senator Chafee put it on the Senate floor, “groups that produce specialized formats for the blind no longer are required to gain permission from the copyright holder before beginning production.” Footnote 13

However, in Senator Chafee’s actual Senate floor remarks that day, the next 2 sentences state:

— It is based on an agreement that was reached last January between the Association of American Publishers and the National Federation of the Blind. It includes a very narrow definition of those who are eligible to undertake such production.

One might wonder whether such narrow definition includes every library or university disability services office which regularly or on occasion has produced an accessible rendition of copyrighted material.

Very usefull timeline for us. Thank you !