The ACTA Debate Gets Ugly

Tamlin H. Bason, Online Infringement Legislation Fuels Furious Debate at New York Conference, BNA Patent, Copyright, and Trademark Journal (Apr. 23, 2012) (subscription only, sorry):

One day later, at a separate panel focusing on the need for enforcement to back up international intellectual property rights, the president of the Hungarian Copyright Council, Mihály Ficsor, compared the fervent opponents of ACTA to Nazis.

As to the ACTA opponents, Ficsor criticized “the fear-mongering style, the absence of seriousness, and the lack of honesty of the slogans of the organizers of the hysterical mob.” He said, “If a big mislead crowd repeats the same lie [and] enthusiastically supports the same stupidity,” then the result can manifest in social and political dangers.

This tops even Hugh Hansen’s unintentionally revealing argument that democracy is incompatible with intellectual property.

If Mr Hansen had said that democracy without; a Constitution , rule of law, high courts and separations of powers was not compatible with intellectual property he would be merely unoriginal - Edmond Burke said it better.


Edmond Burke said it better( About property generally)