Status Conference Report: Nothing Happens

The conference began in Judge Chin’s courtroom at 4:05 PM, and it was over by 4:10. Speaking on behalf of the publishers, authors, and Google, Bruce Keller explained that the parties were still discussing their options. Everything was on the table, the issues were complex, and they wanted to respect Judge Chin’s opinion. Thus, he asked if the parties could return before Judge Chin in 60 days. The judge pulled out his calendar and offered 10:00 AM on Tuesday, July 19, which was fine by all concerned. That was that, court adjourned.

The most exciting part of today’s conference was actually what happened before it started. The previous case on the judge’s calendar was a sentencing. The defendant had helped supply the FARC with supplies and weapons, and pleaded guilty to supporting a terrorist organization. After considering the defendant’s argument that he had been compelled to assist the FARC by threats against his family, Judge Chin sentenced him to 10 years in prison. As a reminder of the other serious business that comes through the courts, it put what followed in perspective.