Yes, I Know That Comment Previewing Is Broken

Unfortunately, WMD, the wonderful WYSIWYG Markdown editor that I was using to give live real-time comment preview, is no longer working. The site that was hosting it has simply disappeared. I’ve discovered that the original author stopped maintaining it shortly after posting it, but it seems that the domain didn’t fall over until just now. Others reverse engineered the JavaScript and have been working on open-source forks of the project, so I hope to be able to grab one of those and re-enable the functionality. As so often happens, though, in the urge to generalize and “improve” a piece of software, some of its newer developers seem to have made it substantially harder to use. I hope to have good news soon.

featurisum is the bain of so much modern technology. Do you remember a expensive BMW model of a few years ago? It had a very sophisticated, feature packed, operating system; none of the middle aged motoring writers could actually start the car, it did not get very good press.

Always learnin’ somethin’. Re: WYSIWYG