Warning: Beware of Spam Filter

I have recently rescued two comments from the spam filter. I’m sorry that it sometimes trips up and flags legitimate comments as spam. If you post a comment and don’t see it, please email me immediately. I’m happy to make up for Movable Type’s shortcomings and manually approve them. But the volume of spam-comment submissions is so high that I’m unlikely to notice your comment unless you contact me. So again, if you post and it doesn’t show up, let me know.

James, I have registered with TypePad and we’ll see if it makes a difference.

If you are running MT I highly recommend installing this plugin: http://alogblog.cafe24.com/movabletype/plugins/ccodeandtcodeformt_40/

It’s great. The bots don’t stand a chance against it. Only a few human-entered spams slip through.

TypePad (TypeKey) makes no differance. I have gone back to my Facebook URL.