GBS: John Wilkin on Assessing Public Domain Status

This interview with Michigan librarian John Wilkin has some interesting details about how their CRMS system assesses which books are in the public domain, and touches on libraries’ digitization contracts with Google.

I submitted a comment to the interview early yesterday morning and as it has yet to appear, I guess they did not like it. It went something like this:

“You mean, those institutions are not getting access to the full text of their own books?”—Mary Minow “Their own books”, Mary? When the University of Wisconsin, in partnership with Google digitized my work I received no digital copy, in fact they did not even tell me they were making copies of my book. Douglas Fevens, Halifax, Nova Scotia— The University of Wisconsin, Google, & Me

From The Library Journal, October 21, 2010: HathiTrust’s Copyright Detectives