GBS: Objections and Responses, Version 2.0

My students and I are proud to announce the release of version 2.0 of our report summarizing the objections to the proposed settlement. This version adds the additional objections made to the amended settlement, and also the plaintiffs’ and Google’s responses to many of the objections.

The Public-Interest Book Search Initiative at New York Law School, Objections and Responses to the Google Books Settlement: A Report, Version 2.0, May 2010:

This update adds information about the arguments for and against the proposed amended settlement based on the filings made with the court in January and February 2010. We have also taken advantage of the editing process to improve the oganization and to fix a number of omissions and mistakes from version 1.0. We thank everyone who wrote us with suggestions for improvements, and hope that you will continue to help us improve this document for future versions. Please write to us at with any corrections or suggestions

The biggest change in this version is the inclusion of the plaintiffs’ and Google’s responses to many of the objections. The relationship between objections and responses is not one- to-one, and we have tried to give a representative cross-section of responses, rather than repeating each response in connection with each objection. The interested reader is, as always, invited to consult the objections and responses directly; we have continued our practice of providing hyperlinks and page references.

You have no reader comments yet, but your GBS 2.0 is featured and praised in today’s Publisher’s Weekly, and as a result , I am sure is enjoying record hits from the publishing and writing public!

I’ll add the first reader comment. James and the gang did a great job. Thanks again for all your hard work.

ditto from me