GBS: 5 Ways The Google Book Settlement Will Change The Future of Reading

Annalee Newitz has a long and thoughtful post at i09 on the settlement’s implications for readers. She talked to smart people, did a lot of reading, and wrote up an overview of the settlement that does a really nice job setting out the big picture. This will be my new go-to piece for non-lawyers: if you don’t know much about the settlement and want to learn more, start here.

What is your current go-to piece for impatient lawyers? I get asked that question a bit and don’t have a good answer to it.

For patient lawyers, Jonathan Band’s Long and Winding Road is the state of the art. For less patient lawyers, Matthew Sag’s YouTube videos aren’t bad. I do a link roundup in this Metafilter post, and I should have a short piece of my own online soon.

Interesting piece from one Australias more interesting biz journos advantage Apple

iAd is a direct assault on Google, or rather it completes the assault that began with the invention of the iPhone and continues with the iPad. Apps are simply a better and more reliable way to get content than the internet browsers on which Google relies.

Not that sure myself about Apple & IPhone but the case for google & the Authorsguild getting a virtual monopoly is looking a bit thin by now