GBS: The Many Ways Forward

Jonathan Band has already detailed the long and winding road to the Google Books settlement. Now, with the Library Copyright Alliance, he’s back to chart the many possible paths forward. It’s a one-page PDF diagram, designed by Tricia Donovan of ARL, which provides a flowchart of how the settlement could go from here as it bounces around among the court, the parties, and possible appeals. The bottom line: “In short, the precise way forward is more difficult to predict than the NCAA tournament.”

Do you remember the episode of Bugs Bunny, where he got stuck on an endless mobius loop of a ‘spaghetti junction’ freeway flyover? In the end Bugs set up a hot dog stand on the side of the road.

The Flow chart is not the funniest representation of an infinity loop/maze, but its not bad. Will somebody hit the force Quit button .. eventually?

How about this Bruce petty cartoon as an image of the GBS

The chart has been updated with a “You Are Here”