GBS: Additional Opt-Out Letters

We’ve posted another opt-out letter over at the Public Index, this one sent by frequent Lab commenter Douglas Fevens. It appears that opt-out letters mailed directly to the court, while apparently received, are not being scanned and posted to the official docket. If you or someone you know opted out, sent a letter to the court informing it of this fact, and would like it posted to the Public Index, please send it along.


I know this question does not belong under the topic of Opt-Out letters, so please feel free to not post it. I just tried to put it at the top. The question:Will you be posting a comment on the Supreme Court’s decision in Reed Elsvier v. Muchnick and what that decision may mean to the Google case? C.E. Petit has put something on his blog though he has been talked about this before. Also, didn’t Pamela Samuelson urge delaying a decision on the proposed Google settlement until after the Reed Elsvier case was decided?

However important the Reed Elsvier case is to copyright holders, it does seem to get consistently upstaged in the news. I wanted to go hear the arguments in the fall, but another high publicity case (I think it was on abortion) was being argued the same morning, so getting into the courtroom would have been really difficult. And today, the Chicago gun control law case was argued, so the news reports have focused on that. On another day, I think Nina Totenberg would report on Reed Elsvier but she did a story on the gun case.

Best regards, Sally