GBS: Fairness Hearing Transcript

We now have a transcript of the fairness hearing available at the Public Index, for those seeking to dig even deeper into the presentations.

James, you are a hero.

Am not. The credit here belongs to the court reporters, and to the legal system that makes sure they’re present.

Yes, but I imagine that I cannot access the server where this document was initially posted. So, hyperbole apart, I am extremely grateful.

This is valuable ammo for the GBS battle 2.0: the fight to prevent a default opt-in Google Books arrangement from being imposed via legislation in the UK.

Gillian you yourself have done much to restore faith that the British have still ,under the bonnet, the heart of a lion.

Gillian (plus some others on this blog) is restoring my faith that there is intelligent life on the Internet.


Charles Degaulle was addressing a meeting when somebody in the audience shouted out “death to all fools”. Degaulle turned to one of his aides and said:”monsieur, that is a very big project”.

from Les Murrays The Quality of Sprawl:

Sprawl gets up the nose of many kinds of poeple

(every kind that comes in kinds) whose futures don’t include it.

Some decry it as criminal presumption, silken-robed Pope Alexander

dividing the new world between Spain and Portugal.

If he smiled in petto afterwards, perhaps the thing did have sprawl.

The plaintifs and google sure, but Judge Chin as the pope?

grin I keep telling Gill this: she’s a walking history of being on the right side of hard fights in the UK since Thatcher…

But James - this information and discussion is indispensable. Thanks again.