GBS: Some Notice Statistics

From the declaration of Katherine Kinsella about the notice program:

The Notice program resulted in:

a) Distribution of more than 1.3 million pieces of direct mail; b)677 appearances of the Summary Notice in worldwide media; c)At least 5,683 print and online articles globally about the Settlement; d)At least 1,208,752 unique visitors (1,463,869 total visits) to the Settlement Website.

The Notice Program included a variety of online advertisements. To provide Class Members with millions of opportunities to view ads alerting them to the Settlement, KM used banner advertisements and text advertisements. These advertisements appeared 587 million times on websites worldwide.

KM purchased these sponsored search results on Google in 35 of the Notice Languages. (Malay is the only Notice Language in which sponsored keywords were not purchased, because they were not available through Google.) Yahoo was used in English and Japanese throughout the world and Yandex was used in Russia.

… However, despite repeated efforts, Baidu rejected KM’s request to purchase sponsored keyword search ads.

The report with both CARMA and comScore data, detailing media coverage of the Settlement through May 31, 2009, is attached as Exhibit 49. As detailed in that exhibit, earned media appearances related to the Settlement generated at least 636 million gross impressions worldwide.

… Of the hundreds of notice programs that I have been involved with or am aware of, the notice program of the Settlement is the most complex, global, and multi-faceted.

Ms. Kinsella gets paid the big bucks to crunch numbers that look good on paper, but make little sense in the grand scheme of things (unless of course B.S. settlement money is concerned — which unfortunately it is). She makes me sick, and so do all the lawyers she takes to lunch regularly — where she gloats about all the money she makes. I used to work with Rust Consulting daily, and they are the worst bunch of “administrators” ever. I know of whence I speak. This whole thing is a joke, designed to get lawyers and “class administrators” and of course GOOGLE paid.