GBS: Reaching Out to the Bloggers

The list of blogs to receive the press release about the settlement website is exhibit 46 (pages 333–34) to the Kinsella declaration. Yes, the Laboratorium is on there (and yes, I did receive my emails as described in the declaration). I was amused to see that one of the other blogs to receive notice was Joe is one of Google’s lawyers in the case; my guess is that he was already aware of the settlement website.

I see a lot of publisher and publishing industry blogs. Do you see any blogs of, by, for, or about writers or writing?

The blog outreach campaign was “to blogs that had discussed or otherwise posted information about the Settlement.” (Kinsella decl. p. 40.) These were blogs that had commented about the settlement by January 2009, when the emails went out.


I saw one writer’s blog on the net (don’t know if it is on that list), where the day before the Settlement 2.0 opt-out deadline, she received an email from the Author’s Guild urging her to register her rights, file a claim, and get some free money out of it. She had never heard of the Settlement before, from the Author’s Guild or anywhere else. She was completely unaware there could be any problem with it. She did not read the Settlement document, or anything but the email. She just happily blogged urging everyone to tell all their writer friends to come and collect their free cash. Unfortunately, I saw this after the opt-out deadline.


So they gave notice only to those who had already reported on the settlement proposal — thereby demonstrating that they didn’t need “notice” of it? (As with the supplemental notice sent only to those who had already made claims or opted out?) Or is this further evidence that the “notice” program was actually a propaganda campaign directed at putting the parties’ misleading spin on the proposal?