GBS: The Registry-to-Be

From the declaration of Jeffrey Cunard in support of the settlement, pp. 7–8:

The charter documents for the Registry, which will be a not-for-profit corporation, are being drafted in consultation with counsel having expertise in tax and issues arising under not-for-profit corporation law. These documents, which will be fully consistent with the ASA, are not yet final, but will be submitted to the Court as soon as they are.

The ‘just trust us, we will make it up as we go’ - ‘Dont you you worry about that’ tone Is very typical of the collection society ‘mind’. Control over the detail of implementation = control of the actual end result.

I don’t know about collection societies, but presenting an unfinished, vague contract (the Settlement) for court approval and reserving the right to change it later, is totally Google. They’ve spent all these years and all these legal fees, produced hundreds of pages of documents, and they “can’t” finish the Settlement? Ha.

Frances it is also very much the mode favoured by collection societies, obviously love at first sight.