GBS: Representatives Gonzalez and Green Ask DOJ to Protect Minority Publishers

Their letter to Attorney General Holder is online. In the words of the press release:

“We don’t want this settlement process to go forward if it will not protect the work of small and minority publishers,” Congressman Green said. “We are asking Attorney General Holder to evaluate the revised settlement that was filed last November, and ensure that the rights of all publishers are represented and protected during the upcoming Fairness Hearing.”

Given that the deadline for the Department of Justice to file its comments on the revised settlement is February 4, and this letter was dated February 1, it’s hard for me to imagine Holder suddenly sitting bolt upright and shouting, “Of course! They’re right! I must scrutinize this settlement closely! To the Holder-mobile!” In fact, given the size and complexity of the settlement and the extensive intra-agency coordination presumably involved in such a big issue, it’s hard to imagine that even the posturing of “Some Congressmen are skeptical about the settlement” could make much of a difference. The filing hasn’t arrived yet, but the drafting must be in its very late stages. We all wait with bated breath.