GBS: No, Look Over There!

FYI, as filings come in over the next few days, I’m posting the brief blow-by-blow to Twitter, which is optimized for this sort of thing. Posts here will be reserved for longer analysis.

A major departure from usual class action practice here is the absence of provision in the Settlement Agreement for presentation to Judge Chin of an Interim Report by the Claims Administrator, setting forth a)due diligence and proof of service of the Class Notice; b) the numbers of class members sent the Class Notices; and c) the numbers of class members who filed timely opt out requests and objections received, including the dates received for such opt outs and objections. Maybe I missed this in the Sett and Amended Settlement, but such provision is standard in most class action fairness cases . Will the Court and the public ever learn the truth about the past year’s international ferment of opt out and objection efforts in time for these vital and telling statistics to be presented for review and comment at the Fairness Hearing looming now just days away??

mushrooms for dinner.

C. E. Petit said on Monday: ‘And meanwhile, Google still hasn’t answered or otherwise plead to the Third Amended Complaint (Docket number 782), which is technically a default…’