GBS: Yes, Ursula LeGuin Will Be Filing a Letter

Some familiar names on the list of co-signers, including Jane Yolen.

Familiar names (to me) include Judith Arcana, Michael Elcock, Marilyn Hacker, Vonda McIntyre, Robin Morgan, John Rosengren, and Jane Yolen.

Not surprisingly, the list is weighted towards science fiction and fantasy writers. The well-known ones include Elizabeth Bear, Lisa Goldstein, Vonda McIntyre, Richard Parks, Jo Walton, Mercedes Lackey, and Jane Yolen. Michael Swanwick is one of the finest “literary” writers in SF and is very well known. Kim Stanley Robinson is also very well known. I recognize several other SF writers, such as Hal Duncan, whose works I have not read personally.

As for non-SF writers: There’s a writer on there whose historic-costume-related book I reviewed recently, and I recognize a few self-publishers from e-lists.


I did not know whether to post this comment in this thread or “GBS: Canadian Anti-Settlement Petition”! From the CBC News article Ursula Le Guin gathers writers against Google deal; in the comment section there is this comment:

Amazing! A Canadian news broadcaster fails to mention that Ursula Le Guin’s initiative is modelled on a Canadian petition against Google that now has more than 450 canadian authors signed up to it. Le Guin has thanked the Canadian team that started the petition for their initiative. The Canadian petition has been submitted to the government with a plea for intervention and an official objection will be filed for the court hearing on the Google settlement on February 18. So yes, the David vs. Googliath battle is being waged on home turf. [KGordon wrote:Posted 2010/01/23 at 11:29 PM ET]

Douglas Fevens, Halifax, Nova Scotia, The University of Wisconsin, Google, & Me

But will the Canadian goverment intervene? I hope so.

The Canadian Government is refusing to stand up and defend the (copy)rights of Canadians in the international community. As of December 8, 2010, the Honourable James Moore, the Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages, (the ministry responsible for copyright policy) had implied in a letter to my Member of Parliament that we’ll, Canadians, will let the Americans decide the value of Canadian copyrights in their courts. That is the message that I’m getting from Mr. Moore; I, an Anglophone, do not know what message a Francophone would get.
Douglas Fevens, Halifax, Nova Scotia, The University of Wisconsin, Google, & Me

I am deeply disappointed to hear that, Douglas.


Canada-for your information Fran-a comment from December 6, 2009. Douglas Fevens The University of Wisconsin, Google, & Me