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Douglas Fevens, Halifax, Nova Scotia The University of Wisconsin, Google, & Me

Official statement For immediate diffusion SE TO WITHDRAW FROM GOOGLE? YES, STILL AND ALWAYS YES! POSITION OF THE ANEL ON THE GOOGLE PAYMENT AMENDED Montreal, on January 18, 2010 - In April 2009, the National association of book publishers (ANEL) recommended to its members to withdraw Google Payment. After analysis of the Payment amended deposited on November 13, 2009, the ANEL reiterates its recommendation and encourages its members and them French-speaking editors of Canada who did not make it yet withdraw Google Payment. The position of the ANEL on the first Google Payment was founded on precise points that it Amended payment does not solve. First of all, Google continuous to avoid the debate on the legality of its practices of digitalization without permission and continues the overall digitalization of the books. Amended payment still allows him the exercise of rights reserved to the editors (creation of new formats, fixing of the selling prices, choice of the channels of diffusion and right to yield to thirds), while authorizing it to attack the integrity of work. This agreement, with the eyes of the members of the ANEL, is connected well more with a transfer of rights that to an agreement of service. The approach of Google remains a short cut intended to ensure an competitive advantage to him. She entrusts to having the right the load to withdraw, to be opposed or exclude certain works from some uses or of the corpora of research, thus leaving them the burden of the monitoring. In the amended Payment, the Register, non-profit-making body in charge of certain arbitrations and with the distribution of income to the authors and the editors, is specified still more like one division of Google: it loses its capacity to intervene in an independent way on various questions, such fixing of the prices, like its right to represent having them right at Google. In short, the amended version does not give us reasons to modify the recommendation made with our members to withdraw Google Payment. Our numerical strategy, which consists in gathering them numerical formats of Québécois and Canadian works of French language in Agrégateur ANEL-of Mark, remains relevant. Not only already makes it possible it to offer books electronic with marketing, but it is capable one to the only ensure the perenniality of the chain of the book Quebec and Canada. Created in 1992 and gathering a hundred publishers of French language, the National association of the book publishers preaches mainly freedom d’ expression, the respect of the right d’ author and l’ universal access to the book like tool d’ training. - 30 - Source ANEL: Sylvie Bellemare, In charge of communication 514.273-8130, item 231, sbellemare@