GBS: Two Writers’ Events, One Including Me

The National Writers Union, a vocal opponent of the settlement, is presenting two workshops next week on its implications for writers. The first, co-sponsored with the ASJA and SFWA, will be held in New York on January 20 at 2:00 PM. The two confirmed speakers so far are myself and literary agent Lynn Chu; the Authors Guild has also been invited to participate. The second will be held in Berkeley on January 22 at 7:00 PM; it will feature Edward Hasbrouck, Pamela Samuelson, and Cindy Cohn.

Grimmelmann VS Chu? Oh MAN, this had better be available online…

Or a Transcript or Podcast?

My understanding is that the NWU plans to podcast the event.

James ,can you give us a short summary of the event. Publishers Weekly reports quite a dust up between AG Pres and Lynn Chu, and another report states several panel member attys felt the settlement will not stand up on appeal to 2nd Circuit. Besides the shouting, can you share any other details?

SFWA has posted the audio of the Google Workshop at — the video should be posted sometime over the weekend.

I have been unable to get the audio to load after around the ten minute mark. Has anyone else actually trie to listen to it?

I have listened to it, and had no problem. It can also be accessed at - audio from the NWU San Francisco Workshop 2 days later is also on that page.

Thank you, Michael. I watched the event on YouTube.

What a discussion! Thoroughly enjoyable, informative, and combative.