GBS: LeGuin May Be Making a List

As you may recall, Ursula LeGuin resigned from the Authors Guild over its role in the Google Books settlement. She’s now written a follow-up on what she terms the “Google Putsch.”

How, where, can I ask writers who are unhappy with the Settlement to speak up — to stand up and be counted? We don’t have to agree on every detail, but I think there are a lot of us who see it as urgently important to let it be known that writers support the principle of copyright, and want the Copyright Office, the judges, the publishers, and the libraries to know that we intend to keep control of our work, in print or out, printed or electronic, believing that the people who do the work, rather than any corporation, should have the major voice in how it’s used and who profits from it. …

So, if you’ll give me your name as a professional writer willing to be known as opposed to the Guild Settlement and in favor of protecting copyright and authors’ rights against corporate grabs, I will –

Well, what will I do? Compile a list.

Then what?

If the list grows to a respectable size, should I post it on my web site?

Would you be willing to let me send your name as part of the list to the NWU so they’d have a list of writers opposed to the Settlement?

Anybody got a better idea? Tell!

She has about 80 signatures in just two days, a few of whom state they also resigned/failed to renew Authors Guild membership, and are equally mad as hell about it.

More than 80 signatures, I am sure: I sent an email to the email address provided, asking to go on the list. I would imagine other authors have too.

Authors from UK, Canada and Australia: we are welcome to join the list; I asked. It would be no bad thing to say which country you are from, I think.