Archivists of the Round Table

I’ll be speaking to the Archivists’ Roundtable of Metropolitan New York next week about the Google Books settlement. These archivists often deal with orphan works, so the conversation should be particularly interesting. The event will be held at NYLS on the evening of January 12 is free to Archivists Roundtable members and NYLS faculty, staff, and students; $6 for all others.

Sidenote: January 12, 2010 will be the first annual World Fair Use Day, not to be confused with July 11, which is just plain old Fair Use Day. Do you think the WFUD organizers got permission from the FUD people to use the name?

‘Fair use’ is a specifically US legal concept.

No, we don’t have it in the UK, though some people erroneously think we do: we have ‘fair dealing’, which is defined in a way that appears to me to be more precise, and is certainly narrower.

To announce a ‘World’s’ Fair Use Day is to overreach, if only in a name.

A “World’s Fair” Use Day would be fun. We can all go the World’s Fair and find something to use there. Of course, as every five-year-old learns, the world isn’t fair.