GBS: Google Loses Scanning Case in France

The Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris, a French first-level court, has ruled against Google in case brought by French publishers objecting to its scanning their books. A copy of the decision is available here. Until I have a better idea of the basis for the court’s decision, it’ll be hard for me to offer much analysis of the implications. I’ll link to translations or discussions as I become aware of them.

The most useful legal analysis I have seen so far is this one, on the 1709 Copyright Blog.

Thanks for digging up the French judgement. That should be an interesting read.

Beautiful. That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for posting the decision.

Perhaps the decision in Paris will prompt the Canadian francophone community to take action, if it hasn’t already. My ignorance of the French language does not mean that I am ignorant to the importance of French culture to Canada. To those who consider Canada a unilingual, English speaking country I offer the Canadian Copyright Act. Douglas Fevens, Halifax, Nova Scotia The University of Wisconsin, Google, & Me

Another useful article on GBS in France here Martin