GBS: Amazon Motion Denied

In a brief and unsurprising memorandum decision, Judge Chin denied Amazon’s motion to undo preliminary approval of the amended settlement. Referring to the complexity of the settlement, Judge Chin emphasized that a full fairness analysis at the preliminary stage “is neither feasible nor appropriate.” Instead, he’ll consider all the substantive objections after the filings and hearing in January and February.

Procedurally, Amazon asked to let objectors withdraw previous objections and file new ones that address both the original settlement and the amended one together. Judge Chin denied that request, as well. Instead, he ordered that “to the extent that objectors find it necessary to refer to their prior objections now to present ‘cohesive and accurate filings,’ they may do so.”

Significantly, Judge Chin confirmed he will consider newly filed objections to the GBS amendments “in conjunction” with those already on file to the original GBS terms, all together in a full and through evaluation. This means not all the original objectors have to refile just to ensure their arguments and contentions receive full due process consideration by Judge Chin.