The Public Hearing, Round 2

We have filed a renewed request for a video recording of the October 7 proceedings. Although Judge Chin will be conducting only just a status conference, rather than a full hearing, we believe that the public interest in what takes place inside the courtroom is just as strong. We also became aware that there would not be a court reporter present, so unless the proceedings are recorded, the millions of interested parties will be forced to rely entirely on secondhand, potentially inaccurate accounts.

No matter what, I still look forward to reading your summary if you have time to post it here after the hearing and before the Conference, tomorrow.

Is it correct that neither iPhones nor laptops would be allowed the attendees at the status conference? Or even in the building?

Yes, no cellphones at all, not even dumb phones (or laptops, or any other recording device) are allowed in the building. The guards check cell phones at the security checkpoint at the entrance, but it takes time so be there very early if you want to get into the hearing before the room is full. I’m not sure if the guards will check laptops; if someone else knows, please add a comment. But it’s probably best not to bring laptops to the courthouse at all if you can avoid it.