GBS: Torrent to Trickle?

The court started uploading scanned paper filings again today promptly at 7:30 AM. The pace is down, though—only forty so far.

The American Psychological Association objection states that on 12 October 2005, ‘following the announcement of Google’s policy to allow copyright owners to opt out of Google’s digitization efforts’, they wrote to Google directing them not to digitize any APA-copyrighted material, and attached a list of 1,117 works. Google confirmed receipt, and stated that the list was uploaded into Google’s system: nonetheless, APA says that they have continued to digitize ‘hundreds of APA works’, including approx. 270 books and ‘hundreds of journals, reference guides’, etc, to a total of approx 950 works. Whew. That’s hardly a matter of an inadvertent slip-up or two.

This puts a very large question mark over the issue of compliance. If Google doesn’t keep its public promises, is there much reason to feel confident that it will abide by its obligations under the settlement agreement?