GBS: Filings Update for Wednesday, September 9

Two interesting letters crossed onto the court’s electronic docket today:

  • A group of Stanford computer science faculty invoked Arthur Clarke and appeals to “our collective imagination” in support of the settlement.
  • Two Harvard faculty from the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics praise the settlement for the Research Corpus.

As always, the Public Index will have these soon.

I’ve also received paper courtesy copies of amicus filings from Questia Media (in opposition) and from a coalition of 21 UK literary agencies (in support of neither party), neither of which is showing up on the docket yet. My understanding through the rumor mill is that the court has been inundated with amicus letters and briefs, and that they’ll become available electronically as the clerk’s office scans them. It’s funny, you’d hope there’d be some kind of automated process for scanning a large volume of paper documents and getting them online quickly in standardized formats. Maybe someone should get on it …

Confidential to filers: If you have sent in a filing to the court in hard copy form, you can jump the line and get your document on the Public Index faster (and in higher-quality, too!) by emailing me a copy directly.