GBS: Filings Roundup for Thursday, September 3

Files from today’s filings may be slow to hit the Public Index; the same computer maintenance that caused an extension of the objection deadline also means that one can’t download the documents from the court. Here’s what happened up until 2:00 PM today, when the computers were switched off:

  • DC Comics filed an objection. Presumably, it centers on the ambiguous status of graphic novels, which are both textual and non-textual, and thus half in the settlement and half out of it. But really, that’s just uninformed speculation on my part until I see the brief.
  • Here at NYLS, we filed our amicus brief.
  • Microsoft entered an appearance, presumably in preparation for filing an objection.

It was a slowish day, partly because it was short, and partly because I’m sure that many filers are saving their thunder for Tuesday and using the long weekend to hone their arguments.