GBS: The Deep Breath Before the Plunge

The news is coming fast and furious.

Yesterday, D.C. lawyer Scott Gant, representing himself, filed an objection to the settlement, attacking the bona fides of the class action.

Today, it became public that a coalition of the Internet Archive, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Amazon, and unspecified others, has plans to file objections. The actual grounds are unspecified, but since Gary Reback is representing them, antitrust arguments are likely to figure prominently.

Also today, Ed Hasbrouck, frequent Public Index commenter, posted his analysis from a writer’s perspective. Earlier this week, Gillian Spraggs, also a Public Index regular, posted hers.

I am reading and blogging as fast as I can. All calls will be answered in the order in which they were received. There is a lot here to digest.

The more commentary floods in, the more ridiculous it is getting that a single, generalist federal judge — however capable — is resolving this issue. At the very least, this should be resolved by something akin to the MDL panel.