GBS: Book Grab?

An anonymous comment to this eWeek article points to a newish site on the settlement: The Great Google Book Grab. The site consists of little more than a list of links to negative commentary on the settlement, a little invective (“So what if we’re evil”), and a gallery of creative-but-angry images.

Stylistically, the site has a lot in common withGoogle Watch. It uses the same background color, has the same agitprop sense of humor, is also registered anonymously through Domains by Proxy, and links to a Google Watch page. It has no favicon, though, and there are stylistic differences here and there in the HTML. I’m not willing to rule out the possibility that this is a site run by someone merely imitating Google Watch.

Regular readers of this blog will not find much new at Book Grab, but I pass it along for the sake of completeness.