The Sorry State of Journalism

The current “Latest News” at

  • Body found in hunt for prof suspected in killings
  • Woman’s death at resort sparks questions
  • Fog helps firefighters tackle massive blaze
  • Pope stresses harmony in speech at mosque
  • Commentary: Pope’s message might prove risky
  • Ticker: Obama to test his comedic skills
  • Three princes and a frog team up for rainforests
  • South Africa gets flamboyant new president
  • Preacher: God told me to sell stocks
  • Wounded soldier battles to finish marathon
  • ‘Brady Bunch’ mom hugs a lot of people
  • When will the recession be over?
  • Sex-starved Kenyan sues over boycott
  • Whoopi Goldberg: Why I joined ‘View’
  • iReporters reveal their Star Trek secrets
  • Pasta lady takes her wares on the road
  • Hawks dive bomb woman in her yard
  • Watch Afghans play ‘polo on steroids’ buzkashi
  • CNN Wire: Body discovered near place…

I count at most two pieces of actual news in there.

‚óŹ Body found in hunt for prof suspected in killings

Uh-huh. Someone’s getting nervous that the FBI might be onto him.