GBS Blogging: Big News Day

The headlines say it all:

  • Publishers Weekly: “Google Deadline Delayed Four Months as Steinbeck Motion Granted”
  • New York Times: “Justice Dept. Opens Antitrust Inquiry Into Google Books Deal”
  • Reuters: “U.S. Justice Department looks into Google books deal”

Also, Pam Samuelson and an all-star cast of academics filed a letter with the court discussing the distinctive interests of scholarly authors. In addition to requesting delay (and proposing to make good use of the time), the letter raises some of the essential open-access and digital freedom issues that Samuelson has long been a leading voice on.

Also also, Public Knowledge filed a letter with the court requesting leave to file an amicus brief. Like our own amicus brief, PK’s will focus on the orphan works issue, flagging both competition and class-action concerns.

I hope to be able to report some news of our own soon.

This is all starting to sound very much like ordinary notice-and-comment rulemaking — which is probably the point.