The Onion: Mr. Met Having Trouble Sleeping in New Home

Is it just me, or is there some kind of Onion Renaissance taking place? “If Itzhak Perlman Is Performing On TV Right Now, Who Is Feeding My Cat” has been a running joke in our household for the last two months, and “Man Who Likes To Move It, Move It Still Searching For Perfect Song” managed to delay the punch line until the very last word. I feel like there’s at least one piece of pure comedy gold in every issue now.

Second link goes to Mr. Met story not Perlman.

I agree. “Black Guy Asks Nation for Change” is a pun that keeps on giving. And even though I never used to read the Onion’s columns, which I’ve always found a little weird, “Bro, You’re a God Among Bros” changed my mind.

This American Life did an episode on the Onion that revealed the massive culling that precedes every issue. That — and some indefinable comic instinct — probably explains this golden age.

(By the way, James, you need to fix your Itzhak Perlman link.)

I can’t find the “Move It, Move It” article. Does it exist in your mind?

Or maybe it’s just a sidebar headline, with no accompanying article? Maybe so.