GBS Update: Friend Request Accepted

The court approved our request to file an amicus brief. I know it’s only permission to make our arguments at greater length, but it’s still quite a thrill to see a federal judge write “SO ORDERED” on something we asked for. We’re looking forward to explaining what’s right and wrong with the way the settlement treats orphan works.

Mr. Grimmelmann!

I have been following the case for some months now, and have blogged about it at great length for the online literary magazine, “The Fiction Circus.” We have had a few articles about the case slashdotted for instance, and have been trying to raise awareness before it is too late to do anything. Specifically, we try to represent the point of view of authors and publishers who do not feel that they have been fairly represented by the “Author’s Guild” and their lawsuit. I was wondering if you would be interested in sitting down for an interview with us? We are in New York and can meet up whenever you like, or we could also conduct an interview through email. I understand if you are busy, but I think it would be fascinating for fiction writers to hear things from your point of view and to know the likely outcome of this case.

Cheers and all the best, —Miracle Jones