Am I the only person equally horrified that Blagojevich has vowed to make a Senate appointment and that Senate Democrats have vowed to violate the Constitution to stop him?

If state law precludes Blagojevich from making a Senate appointment (for whatever reason), wouldn’t that take care of your discomfort?

If, yes. But I haven’t yet seen a plausible argument that it does.

No, you’re not. But I think I’m actually more horrified by the second part. I mean, I’m fairly horrified that Blago hasn’t stepped down so the LG could make an appointment without controversy, but seeing as he is in fact still the governor, well, there’s no way around him having the right and responsibility to make an appointment (though I’m surprised there was anyone crazy enough to accept the appointment). I guess the IL Sec. of State is also saying he’ll refuse to certify the appointment, which at least according to the guy who was on NPR, he actually doesn’t have the authority to do. Fun stuff!

He has the authority not to certify, but since his certification is not required by law, it doesn’t matter. At least, that was the gist of the NPR article that I heard. :)