Brushes with Greatness, Law Professors Edition


My mother was on a public radio show with Barack Obama. They talked about slavery and the Constitution. (The interview was later distorted by Fox News to misrepresent Obama’s views about the Supreme Court.) The date was September 6, 2001 and Obama was on the program because he was a law professor, rather than the candidate with a vision for ending the Dark Age that would start five days after the show.


As recounted in David Samuels’ The Runner at pages 129—-30, future law professor Orin Kerr was at Princeton with Alexi Indris-Santana. Or rather, Kerr was at Princeton with the 30-year-old con man James Hogue, who created a fake identity and bluffed his way into the Ivy League. Kerr watched from a dorm-room window as Hogue/Santana was “tapped” for membership in the Ivy Club, one of Princeton’s silly “eating clubs.” In Kerr’s words, “I remember being struck that it was kind of a funny thing, because he didn’t fit the stereotype of someone who would be in Ivy.”