Questions for Duane Reade

  • Why do you have cards for 96-count boxes of Sudafed on your shelves if you don’t have them behind the counter?
  • Why won’t you sell me more than one 24-count box, given that you also (sometimes) sell 96-count boxes?
  • Why won’t you sell me two 24-count boxes, given that you’re willing to sell me one and my wife one?
  • Why do your pharmacy techs have so much more of an attitude than the ones at the Metro Drug across the street?

It’s high time for a web-based effort to name and shame the legislators who push for pointless laws restricting the sale of pseudoephedrine and the stores that treat cold sufferers like meth-heads. The federal limit is stingy enough as it is; state laws and store policies that go further aren’t serving any rational purpose.

Do you live in a neighborhood with lots of meth labs?

This was the Duane Reade at 14th St in Manhattan, but no, I don’t think JC is full of meth labs. Meth is more of a rural drug than an urban one. (Though I’ve read some speculation that it may become more popular in NY given the lousy economy as cocaine may get too expensive).