Another Quiz

What’s the connection among the following things:

  • Oliver Hazard Perry Throck Morton, 14th Governor of Indiana
  • “We Are Coming, Father Abraham”
  • 19th-century exhibitions
  • Cincinnati
  • The first steam-powered fire engine
  • Hertford County, N.C.
  • The United States Patent Office
  • The burning of Washington in the War of 1812
  • Amateurism
  • The lyceum movement
  • Scientific American
  • Clara Barton
  • Lincoln’s second inaugural ball
  • The closing of the western frontier
  • Macadam
  • Personal reinvention
  • Manifest Destiny
  • St. Louis
  • John Sutter
  • Samuel Colt
  • Ulysses S. Grant
  • Filth
  • Railroads
  • Henry Benjamin Whipple
  • Steamboats
  • Smallpox
  • Steamboat explosions
  • American medical education
  • Patent medicines
  • Reuben Samuel, stepfather of Jesse James
  • Indianapolis
  • Abraham Lincoln’s interest in gadgets
  • The Red Badge of Courage
  • Lieutenant Colonel James W. Ripley
  • General Benjamin F. Butler
  • The 1863 draft riots
  • Lincoln’s visit to Richmond in 1865
  • The surrender at Appomattox
  • Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show
  • Signatures
  • Hartford
  • The 1914 German invasion of Belgium
  • Swords
  • Imperialism
  • J.D. Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan’s charitable impulses
  • Mass consumer culture

For a vague hint, see here; for a stronger nudge, see here.

They have a connection to either Mr. Gatling or his terrible gun. (“Search Inside This Book” makes a quiz like this too easy.)

Close, but not quite …

I’m going to go with, they all have a tenuous, at best, connection to Mr. Gatling or his terrible gun; i.e., they are things in that book that the editor should have removed.


I’ll note that the book spent at least a paragraph, and in some cases pages, on each of them. I’ll also note that this is the order they appeared in.