The Orange Box I give it 5 stars

Possibly the best value in video-gaming ever. While Eighth-Life is occasionally cliché-ridden (Is that a gunship? There must be a box of rockets coming up!), it’s lovingly constructed and many of the sequences are absolutely bloody brilliant. Portal, is Portal of course: a perfect concept executed with exactly the right script, art, level design, sound, and music. And to top it all off, three of these four games come with commentary tracks, so I wound up playing through them a second time. (I also hear that Team Fortress 2 is good, for them as who likes that kind of stuff.)

I entirely agree with you. In fact, I became so enamored with the game that I made my fiance the Portal “cake” for his birthday. Also, I love the fact that the song at the end of Portal can be downloaded and played in the game Rockband.