Hurt Journalism

Shorter New York Times Magazine (Michael Sokolove, Hurt Girls):

Compared with the “normal” rate of injury for boys who play sports, girls who play sports get hurt a lot. Umm, I mean compared with the rate for boys who play sports other than football. Girls tear their A.C.L.s five times as often as boys. Ouch. Tear tear tear. Why are we letting girls play sports when they’ll regret it later?

The article also points out that studies have shown that doing specific warm-up exercises cuts the risk of A.C.L. tears between four and ten times—that is, to a rate somewhere possibly as low as half that for boys. But it proceeds to dismiss this possibility, because “It’s hard to fight for equal rights while also broadcasting alarm about injuries that might suggest women are too delicate to play certain games or to play them at a high level of intensity.”

Why, oh, why can’t I have a New York Times that doesn’t make me want to throw the magazine section against the wall every time it writes about sex, gender, or feminism?