Call for Freedom and Privacy

I’ve just looked over the program for this year’s Computers, Freedom, and Privacy. This’ll be the first one I’ve gone t. For a long time, I thought of it as a place where epic things happened, something I might someday aspire to attend. So when Frank asked me to be on a panel proposal he was putting together, I thought, “That sounds like fun, but I’m not even worthy to attend CFP yet.”Well, long story short, we’re on the program, so I’m going, and it’s a bit of a rush.

In addition to our own panel — Rights & Responsibilities for Software Programs?, the program looks great. Among the highlights:

I was somehow pulled in to a CFP panel in 2006. And you think you’re not worthy…

(The highlight for me was that Vernor Vinge came to it, in the time slot right before his keynote, and I got to chat with him and a small group of really cool people for about an hour after his talk.)

That was my first time speaking at a conference, and I’m afraid it may all be downhill from there.