But Enough About Me

The registration form for a privacy-law conference I’m going to in late spring asked not just for the usual contact information but also for a biography. I figure they’ll understand if I just leave that one blank. They’re privacy scholars, after all.

Or provide something nice and colorful: “Born in a log cabin twenty miles from the nearest settlement, James enlisted in the Army at 16 and quickly made a name for himself as a cavalry commander during the Mexican-American war…”

“But after a legendarily vicious wrestling match with General Santa Anna’s personal Kodiak bear — forever afterward known as ‘The Gelding’ — James retreated to his country manor on the Canadian border, where he lived quietly until the shocking events of 1854 changed his life, and his left fist, forever.”

Speaking of privacy-invasive technologies and privacy conferences, please check out the CFP ‘08: Technology Policy blog (hosted by blogger) and the even-more-panopitc Facebook discussion board!


“The events of 1854, however, had nothing on what was to transpire a mere three years later, when James was drafted as a mercenary by the Indian Sepoys, and went off to fight in the Indian Mutiny, where he proceeded to slay Redcoats by the dozen before being smitten by a dusky, dark-eyed Indian princess, and settled down to a quiet life of philosophical contemplation by the banks of the river Ganges, where he penned his epic, ‘War and Law: A Marriage of Convenience’”.