Roguelike Traders

I love the phrase “rogue trader.” It has so many inappropriate associations:

  • “Yes, he lost $7 billion of our money, but he’s such a lovable rogue, who can blame him?”
  • “Ah, there’s your mistake! Only hire paladins to work the trading desk. Lawful good, and nothing but. That’s the way to go.”
  • “No, we have no idea how he managed to start trading on our account. He’s a rogue; he probably managed to sneak in or something.”

A derivatives trader trades in derivatives; therefore, clearly, a rogue trader must be someone who trades in rogues. “Roll up! Roll up! Three rogues for the price of Two!”


Love the D&D reference. Paladins can only have the lawful good alignment… haven’t thought about that in years!

Very much like the “bad apple” metaphor. “Oh, that group’s not bad, just has some bad apples!”

It’s even funnier when applied to apples. “These apples are fine; there are just some bad apples in there.”