Dysfunctional Fandom

Re: the idea that the web, email, blogs, myspace, and so forth will cause more and more music fans to have actual, meaningful interactions with the objects of their fandom, ala Jonathan Coulton:

People show a nearly limitless capacity to engage in dysfunctional relationships in their romantic lives. Why should we expect their relationships with musicians to be any different? Waiting forever for a band to take the stage has more than a little in common with being stood up for a date. For some people, being spat upon (literally or not) by their musical idols is part of the appeal.

Yeah, and then you have to come up with all the awkward excuses. When I broke it off with Dave Matthews in 2000 or 2001, I told him “It’s not you, it’s me.” But seriously, it was him. We’d been growing apart for a long time. I feel like my life was heading in more of a blues direction, whereas he wasn’t really growing up and moving his music out of my friends’ basements.