Shaun of the Dead I give it 2 stars

No, Scott, we just didn’t enjoy it all that much. It starts slow; we came this close to fast-forwarding to the part with zombies. After that, we noticed the jokes more than we laughed at them.

Well, I’m not necessarily surprised that tastes differ, but I am surprised that a movie which had me laughing so hard I could barely breathe for most of its duration seemed so tedious to you. It’s not just that I thought Shaun was funny and you didn’t, it’s that I thought it was one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen, you thought it was crap, and in most other regards our senses of humor tend to be more similar than that, that baffles me.

Ah well. Perhaps you’d enjoy Hot Fuzz more; I don’t think you could accuse it of starting slowly, at least.

I sort of hate zombie movies. The only word I can think of for the genre is “ingrown”.

That said, I liked Shaun of the Dead more than most, because it’s funnier. And I think I liked the early parts, before there are actually very many zombies, most of all. The idea that there might be zombies loose in suburban Britain and people might not notice may be the most innovative concept in zombie movies in several decades.