Mo’s Bacon Bar I give it 2 stars

Yes, its a chocolate bar with bacon bits embedded in it. Yes, the two tastes actually do meld (salt is the essential link). And yes, I like both bacon and chocolate. But no, it doesn’t really work. One square was enough.

You didn’t like it? I thought it was great— one of the best varieties Vosges has come out with. I do have to say, though, that the bacon bar isn’t as good as their bacon truffle.

Do you like Vosges in general? Their combinations are a little too funky for some people.

How is it that this is the first I’ve heard of this wonderful combination?

I’d give it at least 2.5 stars, because salt & chocolate go so well together (unlike salt & licorice, bleh). I think it needs more bacon, but maybe the bacon is hiding somewhere else in the bar. I like to think we’re all about the exotic chocolate — we did both like their Red Fire Bar, and other spicy chocolates we’ve tried. I’m checking out their other exotic chocolate bars, and Black Pearl intrigues me: wasabi, ginger, black sesame, dark chocolate.

Perhaps it will be like the elusive Choco-Sesame ice cream I had in Montreal, which seems to exist nowhere else.